Investor story:

SmartSpace Software Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market under the trading symbol AIM:SMRT

Through SmartSpace Software Plc, our investors have a unique opportunity to access a fast-growing segment of the digital economy: ‘Smart Buildings’ and ‘Workspace optimisation.’ We have three companies in the Group, each trading under their own brand and focusing on different aspects of workplace optimisation.

Corporate real estate is expensive – and getting more expensive by the day. The changing workplace environment has become even more topical due to the impact of Covid-19. Our range of software solutions help customers manage their spaces more efficiently and drive down costs.

We help create and efficient receptions with contactless check-in, visitor pre-screening and contact tracing in the workplace. Our desk booking solutions allow businesses to quickly deploying hoteling and ‘hot desking’, functionality that has become even more important as clients reduce their real estate footprint, following the impact of Covid.

SmartSpace helps businesses manage their meeting rooms more efficiently and provide tools to assist with social distancing, in-company contact tracing, room sanitisation and employee Covid notifications.

Demand for our services is being driven by the need to create more efficient workplaces and creating environments that help employees operate in a post-Covid world.

Our business model is to offer SaaS solutions where the focus is on high visibility of revenues with over 6000 customers in 60 countries.

What is a Smart Building?

A ‘Smart Building’s’ operating infrastructure is typically connected into one large network to enhance the performance of the building and its occupants. This means lower capital and operating costs for the building owner, a better place to work for employees and the promotion of environmental sustainability. Fully integrated operating systems allow for real-time provision of data which, in turn, facilitates faster decision making.