How Skyscanner transformed the user experience and security of their visitor management, with SwipedOn

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LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland
EMPLOYEES: 400 (Edinburgh) 800 (Global)


Skyscanner's visitor management story

skyscanner case study coverWith over 800 employees and 10 global offices and 60 million customers around the world, Skyscanner is recognised as a market leading travel search site offering flights, hotel, and car rental comparison. 

Skyscanner first implemented SwipedOn three years ago in their head office in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Since then, they have rolled it out to two further locations. 

Case study summary:

Skyscanner's visitor management challenges:

  • The need to securely store visitor data.
  • Sometimes reception staff need to be elsewhere in the building, so guests were left waiting.
  • No procedure in place to recognize who is a visitor on the building (i.e the need for ID badge printing)

Their priorities

Skyscanner had three top priorities when it came to choosing a visitor management system that would fit the business’ needs:

They required the ability to have a system that would communicate instantly between the visitor and employee, integrate picture capture through the iPad camera and connect to an ID badge printer.

So they chose SwipedOn.


  • Improved ability for reception staff to multi-task and create a welcoming experience for their guests
  • A highly secure visitor management process with visitors required to wear a printed ID badges.
  • A professional greeting process - SwipedOn sends the photo of the visitor to the employee they are visiting, so the employee is able to instantly recognize them.