How UBM achieved
huge real estate savings
including £3m in capex


UBM's story

Armed with SmartSpace desk and meeting room management, and our analytics tools, we enabled UBM to make the very best choice for their new London offices.

Having hit that goal, they went on to make huge real estate cost savings, generate real estate revenue and demonstrably improve employee satisfaction through their SmartSpace implementation.

The success story in numbers:

  • New revenue stream from subleasing feed-up floors: C £1.5m per year
  • Desk space cap ex savings: C £3m
  • Workspace running cost savings: C £1.5m
  • Desk ratio reduced from 1:1 to 1:1.4

So successful was the implementation that UBM have gone on to roll the SmartSpace solution out across 5 of their sites in total, and across more than 1100 desks - with more sites to follow.

Find out how they did it! Download the full case study