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Tues September 17
10.30am BST
45 min (inc Q&A)

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Webinar: Smart workspaces will share all their secrets - if you know what to ask

Question: How can you unlock the true potential of your workspace?

Truth is, all those desks and meeting areas in your offices have secrets to share – secrets and insights that once unlocked can empower your business to:

• Reduce your real-estate space costs
• Erase your office pain points
• Empower, connect and motivate your people

But how do you get to those hidden insights?

Join workspace tech innovator and disruptor Keith Jump and Rodolphe D’Arjuzon, Head of Smart Building Research at Verdantix, on this revelatory webinar, to discover:

• How to capture and understand the workspace insights that really matter
• How your people engage with facilities, colleagues and work spaces
• How to recognise and accurately identify space usage trends
• How to turn those insights into cost cutting, revenue generating action plans

3 crucial takeaways you can’t afford to miss

In this 60 min webinar, including Q&A, Keith and Rodolphe will reveal and explain in practical terms how you can collect, mine and interpret your workspace data to:

1. Identify the rooms you don’t need, and the space you are wasting

2. Optimise your desk to employee usage ratio 

3. Move from cost prohibitive fixed-desk working, to a more productive, flexible working environment

Real world examples and use cases

Throughout the webinar, Keith and Rodolphe will highlight real world examples and case studies of businesses already putting these learnings into practice – with eye-opening results.

Importantly, you’ll learn:

  • Why the different types of workspace in your building each require a different approach to utilisation and occupancy data collection

  • The crucially different role of ‘soft sensors’ and ‘hard sensors’ in collecting insights – and when to choose the hard or soft option!

  • What’s so important about live space-usage data

Register for this webinar now to discover:

1. How to identify workspace pain points and bottle necks (so you can fix them!)
2. How to identify building usage patterns to reduce operating costs
3. How to make highly informed decisions on space occupancy and usage

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