Smartspace Workplace is the world's leading, fully flexible workspace management platform.

Our extensible modular solution empowers your workspace and your people to be more efficient, productive and joined-up. With SmartSpace, real estate costs come down, space optimisation goes up, and everyone benefits from greater efficiencies and stronger relationships.

6 reasons SmartSpace is your smartest choice

  • 1
    Open architecture makes SmartSpace uniquely integrable with your existing tools
  • 2
    SmartSpace is hardware agnostic - it fits with your current building systems
  • 3
    The market-leading app puts your people at the centre of the smart building experience
  • 4
    Our tech is AI enabled and cutting-edge - providing deep insight into your space usage
  • 5
    Our single platform integrates 7 modules - so its fully flexible to your needs
  • 6
    Integrated reporting and analytics provides access to all your workspace usage data in one place.

We help people work smarter worldwide. Our pioneering software solutions will transform your business today. Create an exceptional workspace with the SmartSpace space management platform and application suite. Delivering outstanding user experience, it connects employees to their environment, increases engagement, and drives rich analytics.


Smarter space and asset management means better productivity, happier employees, and maximised real-estate efficiency. It all adds up to a unique competitive advantage.


SmartSpace software: it’s the ultimate in smart workplaces. Give your business the edge.

Gain the ultimate control over your space

  • Gain valuable insights
    Gain valuable insights
    Understand how your space is being used to make more informed decisions. SmartSpace allows you to see the number of staff booking and occupying desk, and meeting rooms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Track peak times of arrival and view historical data.
  • Scalable to suit your needs
    Scalable to suit your needs
    SmartSpace scales and is customisable to suit the size of your organisation and current polices. With flexible APIs and open architecture from the moment of deployment you are generating data and intelligence for the transformation into a 'worksmart' workplace.
  • Hassle free integration
    Hassle free integration
    SmartSpace integrates seamlessly with your existing software and hardware ecosystem across your building or estate.
  • Deliver significant cost savings
    Deliver significant cost savings
    Real estate costs come down and space optimisation goes up. Everyone benefits from greater efficiencies and stronger relationships.

Empower your team with shared spaces

  • Integration across multiple touchpoints
    Integration across multiple touchpoints
    Be it on the go, at your desk or the other side of the office, interact with SmartSpace via our mobile app, online or touchscreen kiosk.
  • Optimise your business
    Optimise your business
    Switch to smarter activity-based working. Give your employees the agility they want for better collaboration.


  • Easy to adopt
    Easy to adopt
    Nobody likes kerfuffle! Our flexible, user-friendly touchpoints put your workspace literally at the fingertips of your employees, wherever they are.
  • Deliver lasting impressions
    Deliver lasting impressions
    Book rooms, services, catering and layout changes for high-performing meetings that leave the best lasting impression with your visitors.
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