Space management
utopia is a reality

For over 16 years now we have been developing innovative digital solutions for retail environments across the globe.

The Connect platform allows us to meet tech savvy consumers needs, delivering insightful, personalised shopping experiences to gain the competitive edge. Our streamlined system allows content to be published across multiple devices instantly. By integrating our software with sensors we can deploy smart solutions that offer innovative 3D, 2D way-finding, pushing custom content to users based on time and location. We help give a more complete picture of customer behaviour through footfall, sign up, events, competitions and offer tracking. We can then build on these solutions to support larger digital strategies, addressing key areas like the complex mapping, way finding, parking payment and restaurant booking requirements.

Manage your space and take control

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    A single customer record
    Each part of the Connect Framework continually contributes to a detailed, single profile view of your customers and colleagues. This enables detailed analysis of your customer base, segmentation and personalisation of your customer’s omnichannel experience.
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    Security and flexibility built in
    Our modular, cloud-based, SaaS solution produces a secure and scalable platform that can quickly react to new technologies and incorporate new functionality as it is developed. This modular approach enables our solution to be deployed using any combination of modules needed to support your business whilst ensuring a robust, integrated solution.
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    Integration as standard
    The open architecture of the SmartSpace Framework, using industry standard APIs and protocols ensures seamless communication with your existing systems, sensor networks and third party applications.

First impressions count

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    Brand your content
    Customise our system to leave a lasting impression with bespoke creative.
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    Publish content easily
    A multilingual content management system with comprehensive digital asset management. The full scheduling and preview functions enables you to develop your content before publishing. Our multi-channel publishing system allows youto push content to digital displays (arenas), touchscreens, mobile on and online.
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    Information when you need it
    Manage your entire customer base interactions in one place. This includes popular social network monitoring to build an in-depth single profile view of each customer. The CRM analysis enables you to analyse and understand customer behaviour and preferences so that you can intelligently segment your customer base. The integrated marketing campaign management then helps you develop and execute your targeted marketing strategy, monitor the reaction and record results to further build the customer profiles.

An enhanced customer experience

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    State of the art wayfinding
    Our industry-leading mapping and wayfinding produces 2D, 3D plans and maps of your estate and then implements a multilevel point-to-point routing service including find my nearest and locate a colleague, friend, facility or seat. Allowing customer to find what they are looking for easily.
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    Loyalty Management
    A personalised experience for customers. SmartSpace Retail is being used to enhance the personalisation beyond the typical greeting customers, sending time and location based messages based on a customers wants and needs.
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    Frictionless parking
    The Parking module provides parking space management, entry / exit monitoring, parking fee management and vehicle management. Integration with barrier control and ANPR systems enables instant, frictionless parking solutions, barrier access with payment-on-exit or pay-and-display parking solutions.