Delivering an enriched
experience from start to finish

Your guests want a fabulous experience. You want an end-to-end solution that works. SmartSpace’s purpose-built hospitality and ticketing platform delivers both.

Our market-leading software is used by some of the biggest names in event hospitality and stadium management. Our state-of-the-art product create a superb experience from purchase to the event – and beyond. With SmartSpace it’s easy to manage the whole process, enhance your insights, maximise revenue and it all integrates seamlessly with your existing system.

Backed by more than 16 years’ experience, our specialist solutions are great for your guests and great for you.

Enhance end-to-end performance

  • Do it all on one platform
    Do it all on one platform
    Delight your guests and boost your results. From ticketing to event management to on-the-day experiences, our suite of digital tools covers everything.
  • Expand your customer base
    Expand your customer base
    Create superb events that customers will love. You’ll reap the benefits in repeat purchases and customer advocacy.
  • Track your sales
    Track your sales
    Improve sales team management. Communicate more effectively. Increase purchases and boost operational efficiency. It all adds up to a better bottom line.

Make it smooth, make it seamless, make it succeed

  • Enhance your comms
    Enhance your comms
    Customer communication is the key – before, during and after your event. SmartSpace makes it easy to deliver clear, consistent frictionless messaging throughout the whole process.
  • Connect with your customers
    Connect with your customers
    Fire their enthusiasm and keep them engaged. Use personalised communications, push notification offers and timely alerts to surprise and delight.
  • Improve your efficiency
    Improve your efficiency
    Take your operations to the next level. Our easy-to-use software powers every aspect, from dietary requirements to table planning to real-time notifications.

Create a superior experience

  • Make it immersive
    Make it immersive
    Let your guests live and breathe their event from the moment they book. Engage them online, by email, and via in-app notifications. Extend the experience with in-event purchases and feedback.
  • Make it personal
    Make it personal
    From booking to the event day and beyond, take your guests on an amazing journey. Combine data on guests’ requests, behaviour and more to generate even better customer satisfaction.
  • Make it frictionless
    Make it frictionless
    Everything your guests want, all in one place. Include social media feeds, ticket and event information, travel advice, and wayfinding right to their seat.