Delivering an enriched
experience from start to finish

A truly great digital experience should move from beyond just displaying data and transform it into a more meaningful enhanced guest experience, from clever usability, to considerate, enlightened and timely information. With exciting innovations underpinned by classic principles we have paved the way for a new and unique hospitality experience.

By incorporating a venues existing ticketing and entry system we provide a single integrated and unique multi-event platform. Through innovative software integrated with sensor, commercial and ticket tracking data, we also help analyse occupancy, footfall data and energy usage, to make our customers knowledge of their estate, their attendees and their events more complete.

A successful event every time

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    Smart Space Event management
    The unique SmartSpace Hospitality system, is designed to control the event management process from the initial stages of event hospitality package development through to customer engagement from prospect to conversion.
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    Table Planning
    The table design software tools allows the event manager to collaborate with co-workers and guests to build-to-scale event table layouts. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools let event managers quickly create fully customisation table plans for events and assign seating arrangements.
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    Security and flexibility built in
    Our modular, cloud-based, SaaS solution produces a secure and scalable platform that can quickly react to new technologies and incorporate new functionality as it is developed. This modular approach enables our solution to be deployed using any combination of modules needed to support your business whilst ensuring a robust, integrated solution.

Helping your staff be their best

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    Integrated CRM
    With our integrated CRM, staff and their trusted agents can monitor the customer engagement, manage marketing activities and campaigns, target prospective customers and track sales progress.
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    Whatever your guests want, whenever they want it
    Our responsive e-commerce websites can deliver a consistent experience for customers to place and manage their orders from any device.
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    Always listening & improving
    SmartSpace Hospitality allows you to listen to your customers feedback. Custom feedback forms, accessible via mobile app or email, help you understand how to improve your guest’s experience.

An enhanced guest experience

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    State of the art wayfinding
    Our industry leading mapping and wayfinding produces 2D, 3D plans and maps of your estate and then implements a multilevel point-to-point routing service including find my nearest and locate a friend, facility or seat. Allowing a guest to find what they are looking for easily.
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    End-to-end experience
    From purchase, to guests, dietary requirements, partners and special requests the TIMS, e-commerce website, concierge portal, engagement emails and concierge application provide a quality on brand touch-point throughout the journey.
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    An extended event experience
    The mobile application allows both the Guest and Host to be closer to event before they arrive. Containing interactive maps, parking information, details of their event experience and match information the app brings together the hospitality and your event from the outset. The mobile app also allows guest to stay connected with what’s going on around the event by sending live notifications and event updates.