Uniquely flexible desk management for smarter fixed, flexible and hot desking solutions

Our Desk Management module empowers your organisation to optimise desk utilisation and cut costs.

With SmartSpace your staff can easily manage desk bookings and usage via kiosks, mobile, web, and door display panels.

Together, we'll help you significantly improve your people-to-desk ratio and create an empowered, more productive workforce.

Outstanding features of our Desk Management module

7 multi touch

Multi touch-point desk management

way finding icon

Wayfinding-enabled desk booking

8 energy

Smart-desk-based energy savings

4 reporting

Desk space-usage insight and reporting

multi touch-point desk management

Manage desk space booking across multiple touch points

With SmartSpace, your staff can easily locate and reserve available desk space through multiple touch points:

  • Check desk availability, reserve space and free up desks early, all via kiosk touch-screens, our mobile app or portal.

  • Enable space-efficient agile desk usage - from flexible desks to hot desks
smartspace mobile wayfinding image

Super-flexible, wayfinding-enabled desk booking

Flexible desk management, via graphical maps and point-to-point wayfinding, list views or schedule views.

With one powerful tool:

  • Manage and release desk bookings

  • Monitor live desk check-ins

  • Locate and reserve nearby free desks by location, neighbourhood or near specific facilities or people.
sensor technology

Smart-desk-based energy savings

With SmartSpace, your business can realise tangible energy savings and sustainability through real time desk usage tracking.

Our smart sensors can link to intelligent power distribution units (iPDUs) to control the provision of power to unused desks.

This is how you cutting energy wastage and cost across your workplace.


SpaceUsage analytics image

Desk space usage monitoring and reporting

Our cutting-edge sensor solutions enable you to monitor and track in real time which desks are being used and when.

What's more, SmartSpace enables you to report on desk usage patterns over time.

Now you can identify under-utilised desks and workstations workspace pain points and valuable opportunities for optimising desk space usage.

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