8,000 desks at their fingertips with SmartSpace OS

The Brief

As part of a real estate consolidation exercise, UBS were moving approx. 6,500 users from 01 and 02 Finsbury Avenue and 100 Liverpool Street into their new London HQ in 5 Broadgate Circle. As part of this migration, UBS were for the first time in the UK looking at implementing an agile working strategy to move from a fixed one desk per person ratio towards a more flexible space, which could accommodate ratios of 12 users to every 10 desks. Part of this strategy was to ensure that suitable technology was in place to ensure all ‘agile’ workers were able to access anything, anywhere and anytime.


We helped UBS map 8,000 desks in the UK to measure occupancy, improve efficiencies, and assist with wayfinding

The Solution

SmartSpace OS

SmartSpace OS is a space utilisation and occupancy management solution that allows you to maximise the efficiencies of your real estate, workspace & people.

UBS decided to trial SmartSpace OS by running a proof of concept in their Golden Lane offices, initially monitoring one floor before extending it to 1400 users as part of their scalability testing. The solution was a huge success, providing real time views of desk usage and availability and providing staff with the ability to search and locate colleagues or business groups.

After the success of the 3 month proof of concept, UBS decided to extend the SmartSpace OS deployment to cover not only the 1400 desks within Golden Lane,  but also 6,500 desks in their new London headquarters.


Ease of use

Because our SmartSpace OS solution integrated with their Citrix environment to measure occupancy through session lifetime data, the final solution is wonderfully simple to use. Staff simply arrive at work, look for an available space to work from, at one of the conveniently located SmartSpace OS kiosks and proceed to work in their normal manner.


Powerful reporting

The SmartSpace OS reporting dashboard provides live and historical reporting with heat maps and key performance indicators. By monitoring desk utilisation across the building, floors, neighbourhoods, departments or even on an individual basis, space management teams can use this as part of their cost centre reporting process to ensure they are maximising efficiency on one of their most expensive assets, their real estate.


Big savings

Measuring and analysing occupancy levels in real time and historically, allowed UBS's corporate real estate and space planning teams to ensure that they were meeting their desired agile working ratios of 1:1.2. 

It also aide’s future decisions around consolidation or further increasing headcount within their existing spaces.

Once you truly understand occupancy levels, you can really drive operational efficiency by using this data to improve how your building management solution and lighting systems operate.