Mayer Bergman: The Broadway Bradford
A modern digital strategy to boost sales and engage a whole community.

The Brief

When the UK’s biggest retail development of 2015, Broadway Bradford, launched, they came to us for a digital strategy that was as fresh and modern as their new shopping centre. The solution had to demonstrate good ROI and increasing footfall through shopper engagement and loyalty. The solution had to be innovative, utilising new technology and services, to differentiate Bradford Broadway from its competitors whilst exciting and attracting visitors to the centre. At the same time, it had to be easy to maintain with limited resources and accessible to all potential visitors. The aim was to promote Bradford Broadway as a destination, attracting visitors from the surrounding area to use as a base for leisure activities as well as shopping in city centre.

A modern digital strategy to boost sales and engage a whole community.
We helped Broadway Bradford engage retailers and shoppers with a joined up digital strategy.

The Solution

Joined up thinking

To meet all Broadway Bradford’s challenges we created an integrated digital retail strategy covering every aspect of the centre’s requirements.

Working in partnership with Broadway Bradford’s branding agency, we developed Android and iOS apps, responsive website and touchscreens to produce a modern, joined-up and consistent multi-channel experience.

Our solution delivers a multi-faceted experience blending modern technology with retailer offers, competitions, events, loyalty scheme, gift cards, 3D mapping and wayfinding to produce a compelling and engaging, joined-up experience.

The Connect CMS - our simple yet powerful content management system – allows all the digital channels to be managed easily and efficiently in one place.

Our CRM and MIS platforms enable the centre to manage the membership scheme, analyse and segment their visitors to create highly personalised offers and campaigns informed by customer buying habits. This has allowed Broadway Bradford to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their market, and generate much higher levels of customer loyalty.


A digital first with 3D wayfinding

Connect IB are the pioneers of interactive touchscreens in the retail space in the UK. Broadway Bradford was the first to use our 3D mapping and flythrough wayfinding solution to create a unique, engaging and, above all, easy to use touchscreen solution