SmartSpace Software Announces International Partnering Agreement with Evoko

SmartSpace software rebranded Evoko will be offered via Evoko's global distribution network.

Luton, United Kingdom: SmartSpace Software Plc, the leading provider of 'Workspace Management Software' for smart buildings, commercial real estate, hospitality and retail, is delighted to announce a new commercial global partnering agreement with Evoko, a leading Swedish-based manufacturer of meeting room display panels.


Key highlights to agreement:

• SmartSpace's 'Calendar' software for Outlook to be offered by Evoko and Evoko's distribution network as Evoko-branded 'Liso Calendar Add-On' (LCAO) together with the Evoko Liso hardware.

• Evoko is a leading manufacturer of meeting room solutions and Evoko Liso is Evoko's second generation booking system with a global installation base.

• The soon to be launched Evoko Liso Calendar Add-on is a new subscription add-on to the Evoko Liso room management system designed to interact with Outlook and add additional services to the core Evoko Liso product.

• Provides SmartSpace access to Evoko's direct and indirect international distribution network and extending the booking capabilities of the Evoko Liso system.


Evoko is seen as a leader in the meeting room display panel market. Operating at the premium end of the market, Evoko offers innovative products with superior usability and with a better design than its competitors. Selling across the globe in over 100 countries, Evoko sells its products via a global network of over 80 distributors and hundreds of reseller partners. SmartSpace has created an Evoko-branded version of its 'Calendar' software application. Providing the user with enhanced functionality, SmartSpace's software integrates seamlessly with Liso enabling end-users to get more from their Liso panels. With Evoko's global installation base of meeting room panels already installed, and via an existing network of distributors and resellers, SmartSpace will have access to a previously unexploited market as Evoko provides its new Liso Calendar Add-on offering.


Commenting on the announcement, Frank Beechinor, CEO of SmartSpace said: "We are delighted to announce our first partnering agreement with Evoko. There are two key aspects of this relationship which are important. Firstly, that our software will be Evoko branded which in itself is a strong endorsement from an innovator such as Evoko. Secondly, this agreement gives us an instant indirect route to market more quickly than building a channel, partner by partner. This approach will allow us to accelerate growth and to enter new territories at a faster pace. We look forward to building a successful and long-term relationship with Evoko."


Commenting on the announcement, Richard Glückman, CEO of Evoko said: "The Evoko Liso has always done a great job at solving the hassle with meeting room bookings at the meeting rooms. Thanks to the partnership with SmartSpace, we are excited to now be able to also offer our customers an easy way of finding rooms that fit their needs directly from Outlook. On top of that, it will extend our services to new areas, such as setting the room layout and booking catering for the meeting. Our solutions complement each other in really good ways and we look forward to continue to build our partnership and finding new ways to help organization have magnificent meetings."


About SmartSpace Software Plc SmartSpace Software Plc are a leading provider of space management technology solutions spanning the commercial workplace, retail and hospitality. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, our specialist services and solutions are used by a global client base spanning the UK, USA and Asia. Our flagship workspace management solution incorporates the latest in cloud software and IoT sensor technology to maximises the efficiencies of workplace real estate and related operating costs, providing substantial savings, productivity gains and employee engagement. Booking and scheduling applications for desks, meeting rooms; wayfinding, visitors management and car parking modules integrate with BMS, IoT and access control empowering clients to measure, analyse and optimise their workspace.


About Evoko Evoko are Swedish innovators dedicated to making meetings smoother, more cost efficient and stylish. Founded in 2009, its head office is in Sweden with employees also in Finland, France, Germany, the UAE and the US. Evoko, with its partnering model, works over six continents in more than 100 countries through a network of 80 distributors selling the Evoko range. Evoko's products, ranging from room booking systems to conference phones and digital signage solutions, have consistently won awards for their design, innovation and user friendliness. Evoko aspires to give you the optimum set up for magnificent meetings.