RedstoneConnect extends OneSpace™ solution to UBM's global office portfolio

RedstoneConnect extends OneSpace™ solution to UBM's global office portfolio

RedstoneConnect (AIM: REDS), a leading provider of technology and services for smart buildings and commercial spaces, announces the global roll-out of its award-winning workspace management software solution, OneSpace™, with UBM, a leading global events and marketing communications specialist, across their office portfolio.

Following the successful deployment of OneSpace™ in London and New York, UBM has now committed to extending its utilisation of the platform to a further 9 global locations including Hong Kong, Minnesota, Kansas and Manchester.

This newly agreed contract extension will see UBM's deployment of OneSpace™ for integrated room booking and desk monitoring across these additional locations, increasing the overall penetration of OneSpace™ to over 1,097 desks and 22 meeting rooms. The newly agreed annuity based contract extension will be based on the number of desks being managed by OneSpace™.

OneSpace™ provides real-time monitoring and analysis of occupancy trends and will enable UBM to optimise the utilisation of space to ultimately reduce capital and operational expenditure.

UBM originally implemented OneSpace™ at their flagship 11,000 Sq Ft office in London, enabling staff to work more flexibly and giving the business an ability to operate at a ratio of 10 desks to every 14 employees, with occupancy rates in excess of 80%.

Mark Braund, CEO of RedstoneConnect, commented: 

"We are delighted to be extending our relationship with UBM which reinforces the compelling business case for deploying OneSpace™.  The significant cost savings and enhancements to the working environment at UBM London and UBM New York were the key drivers behind this extensive adoption of the technology across 10 of their global office locations.

"We believe OneSpace's™ ability to deliver quantifiable analytics makes it an extremely powerful business tool enabling organisations to increase headcount without incurring unnecessary real estate costs."

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