RedstoneConnect showcase Philips Lighting Solution in London HQ

RedstoneConnect showcase Philips Lighting Solution in London HQ

RedstoneConnect’s headquarters are among the first in the UK to be equipped with Philips’ innovative Connected Lighting System for offices

RedstoneConnect’s offices in the City of London are among the first in the UK to feature a Philips Power over Ethernet (PoE) connected office lighting system to allow employees to personalise their office environment using their smartphones; and building managers to optimise space utilisation and building efficiency.

Each of the 200 intelligent light sources sends and receives sensory data, allowing RedstoneConnect’s OneSpace™ to track room occupancy and space usage patterns. 

Each fixture is uniquely identified by an IP address and can be individually monitored and managed. Employees can personalise their lighting via their smartphones, adjusting levels to suit their task.  

The fixtures receive both data and power over a single Ethernet connection, eliminating the need for costly electrical wiring during construction or renovation.

The integration of Philips' connected lighting system with RedstoneConnect's OneSpace™ utilisation and occupancy management solution enhances the process of measuring, analysing and optimising the workspace environment.

Lighting in meeting rooms and corridors, combined with OneSpace™ management of desk space, creates a unique record of activity and usage patterns, delivering a full spectrum view of a buildings utilisation. 

Mark Braund, CEO RedstoneConnect, said:

“The installation at our City of London offices gives us the opportunity to demonstrate to visitors the capabilities of the Philips connected lighting system and OneSpace™ controls. 

You could simply advocate upgrading to this solution to reduce energy costs alone. Lighting usage is now running at 30% less compared to pre-installation figures. 

The real strength comes from integration of the Philips connected lighting system with our OneSpace™ workplace utilisation and occupancy management solution, adding further dimensions to workspace optimisation."