RedstoneConnect Revolutionise use of GSK Asia House Space with New Wayfinding Kiosk

RedstoneConnect Revolutionise use of GSK Asia House Space with New Wayfinding Kiosk

RedstoneConnect, a leading provider of technology and services for smart buildings and commercial spaces announces its roll out of a revolutionary pilot touchscreen solution at GSK Asia House. The intuitive solution allows users to search quickly and easily for meeting rooms, services and neighbourhoods.

The solution went live to users on the 27th April 2017 at Asia House, bringing together multiple buildings across the campus in an intelligent and beautifully designed Wayfinding Kiosk, housing a state of the art HD 4k interactive touchscreen.

RedstoneConnect has previously successfully implemented the GSK Site Map Application across 60 sites globally on IOS, before extending the offering to Android. The Wayfinding Kiosk is the next step in assuring an all-encompassing visitor management solution, as well as optimising the visibility and thus utilisation of facilities on offer. 

The kiosk, which is located at the welcome desk in the main reception of Asia House, showcases the full campus as a stunning 3D rendered map including a full aerial overview. Each building is shown in more detail on the touchscreen, floor by floor highlighting key features that may be of interest to a user such as gyms, reception areas and cafes. The render also includes a breakdown of each workspace, including an entire floor dedicated to meeting rooms and two floors of desks operating on a neighbourhood system.

Functions like “Find my Nearest” and search allow users to clearly see all facilities on offer at GSK Asia House and wayfind them via the quickest route. This includes the fitness facility contained in one of the three on campus bungalows, a range of catering services, coffee shop, help desk, utilities and guidance on parking facilities for both visitors and staff.

It places knowledge of and access to resources right in front of users and effortlessly guides them with visual routing, bringing benefits to all staff and visitors in the form of increased access to tools for work, collaboration and wellbeing.

Keith Jump, CTO of RedstoneConnect commented:

“RedstoneConnect is delighted to be able to take its deep level of knowledge relating to GSK and its global real estate structure a step further by introducing the pilot Wayfinding Kiosk at Asia House. The kiosk, teamed with the Site Map Application already in use will truly revolutionise the use of real estate. The extensive wayfinding capabilities across the campus mean the range of applications truly support collaborative working for all entering the campus. It brings people to the forefront, assuring they get the most out of the space and tools at their disposal, whether for work, collaboration or wellbeing.”

To find out more about GSK and the Visitor and Staff management RedstoneConnect LABS has already provided read the full case study here.