RedstoneConnect has secured a €0.75million contract with TH Real Estate

RedstoneConnect has secured a €0.75million contract with TH Real Estate

RedstoneConnect (AIM: REDS), a leading provider of technology and services for smart buildings and commercial spaces, announces that it has secured a consulting and software mandate worth €0.75 million with TH Real Estate, one of the world's largest real estate investment managers, to develop and install a smart software solution for its PEP shopping centre in Munich, Germany.

The initial phase of the contract will see RedstoneConnect provide consultancy services in order to design the framework for a smart solution in the retail space. The project will culminate in RedstoneConnect's software platform 'Connect' being deployed as part of a major multi million euro refit of the shopping centre, due to go live in 2018.

 The 'Connect' platform will enable shoppers to find shops, services or locate their car using in-centre wayfinding kiosks and a location aware smartphone app. All data generated through digital channels, including online and interactive directories, as well as the smartphone app will be managed by the Company's Wayfinding, CMS, CRM and MIS modules available through the 'Connect' platform.  Key services including smart parking, location based services, Wi-Fi usage and audience measurement analytics will not only deliver greater operational insight but also improve the shopper experience.

Mark Braund, CEO of RedstoneConnect, commented:

"RedstoneConnect's track record in the design and installation of smart solutions across some of the highest profile commercial spaces was central in securing such a prestigious contract.

"Our unique ability to future-proof the retail experience for shoppers, coupled with our diverse range of solutions, which are capable of unlocking additional economic benefit for real estate owners, is a robust market proposition. We continue to succeed in securing contracts through our offering of consultancy, software platforms and applications, reinforcing the need for smart innovation within buildings, destinations and cities."

Image credit: TH Real Estate